Thursday, May 11, 2006

Creating a Website Based on Adsense Revenue Model

By Lata Tokhi
The latest craze sweeping the webmaster world is creating 'Adsense Websites'. Webmasters are busy cranking out a number of websites aimed to earn entirely from Adsense, with few of them finding the success they hoped for. Creating Adsense Websites is a wonderful idea provided you play by the rules.
Creating spammy websites with hardly any content and a whole of links based on 'high-paying keywords' is more likely to get you banned from Google Adsense than earn you high profits you dreamed of. A small content website created on a specific theme with Adsense ads integrated properly into it, is the correct way to earn from this revenue model.
How to logically create a new website based on Adsense Revenue Model is discussed here:
1. Identify High-Paying Keywords
The first step is to decide the theme of your website. Since you are creating a website entirely for Adsense, it might help if you first took time to find out the highest-paying keywords/ads. Advertisers bid for keywords on Google. Some keywords are very expensive and if ads for such keywords are displayed on your website, and clicked upon, your earnings may increase dramatically. For a list of High Paying Adsense Keywords, visit >
To do your own research, use Type in the desired keyword and the tool will tell you the highest bid on it. >
If you have a Google Adwords Account, log in and use the tool for finding the bid rates for different keywords.
Choose a topic which is fairly high-paying as well of your interest.
2. Build an SEO Website with Useful Content
Once you have chosen the theme topic, start building your website. Register a Domain Name, Set up a Web Hosting Account, choose a simple and fast loading layout for your website and add start adding content. Add at least 10 articles on the topic you have chosen. You can get the articles for free from an Articles Directory but it is best to put original content into an Adsense website. Write the articles yourself or Hire a Content Writer. Optimize all pages for Search Engines. Use Heading tags, proper titles and keyword-rich content. The more SE optimized your page, the more relevant will be the ads that are displayed.
3. Integrate Adsense Seamlessly Add Adsense code to every article page.
Take time and choose ad formats depending upon your website layout and integrate the ads seamlessly within the content on each page. Read more about integrating ads seamlessly in your website content at
4. Increase Website Traffic
Your website is now done and you need interested visitors to visit your website, read your content and click on your high-paying ads. Start promoting your website by submitting articles, using signature tags, link exchanges etc.
Lata Tokhi is the owner of Mom Tycoons:, a website with useful articles and advice for webmasters on topics such as starting online business, setting up websites, marketing and promotion, increasing revenue and sales, search engine tips etc.
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