Saturday, May 13, 2006

Adsense, How Much Are You Generating?

By Karl Stadler

It is a wonderful autumn day, the leaves on the trees are turning yellow and as you walk toward your front gate you see the postcard perfect scene playing out down the street. Happy children enjoying the beginnings of life with a seemingly careless attitude to what the future holds, life is all in this moment. Is this a feeling that you can vividly remember from your childhood days?

You open your postbox and see your Google Adsense cheque has arrived, excitedly you open the crumpled envelope wondering why the postman had been so careless with your valuable asset. This month you have reached the four figure sum, and you know it will look like that for months to come.

It is a good feeling isn't it? For most internet marketers however it is a three figure sum every few months. So why is that?

Adsense ads on your web pages have become a huge income generating and profitable enterprise for many a web master and site owner. There has been proof of five figure sums being paid and four figure sums have become a regular occurrence. But to most of us it seems to be a dream that only others can achieve. We are only receiving crumbs falling from the kings table, if any.

To make money with Adsense ads, the ads need to be seen. To get them seen you need traffic to your website, lots of traffic.

So lets get to the crux of the matter, how do you get paid that seemingly elusive four figure sum for your Adsense ads.

You receive traffic to your site, and make it profitable by generic searches from the search engines. That in effect means you need your pages to rank high and get top 10 positions in generic searches.

Find and determine the top paying Adsense keywords within a niche.

Once you have found the high paying keyword phrase you must optimize your page for the Google Adsense display.

High paying keywords means they are highly sought after, I think we all get that. Do not try to optimize your page for that keyword phrase in a generic search engine placement, it is suicidal to say the least.

Think of this as a dual setup, if I can say it like that. Find a keyword phrase where you are able to rank high in the search engines for your page optimization which is related to the phrase of your Adsense ads.

Lets do this with an example to make it more understandable.

Take the broad search term “internet marketing” and see which keyword phrase pays the highest for clicks.

“Expert internet marketing” comes up at the top where advertisers are paying between $13 and $16 per click. The term, according to Overture, receives 2474 searches per month, take that times seven, and you have the approximate Google searches per month.

Type the search term into Google and you will see that the term pops up with nearly 80 million other sites. The PR rankings for the first ten results vary from 7 to 5. The top 6 sites don't even run Adsense ads. You can try and aim for the top 10 position for that search term, but with a new page I would rather have a highly intellectual chat with the dog, you will get the same result.

So how do you get clicks on these high paying terms.

You optimize for a high ranking in one search term, and you optimize another keyword phrase for Adsense to get the top paying keywords. That's it in a nutshell.

Lets have a look for a related term to our Adsense phrase. With a related term search for “expert internet marketing” the keyword term “kjhsdksfd” came up. A search in Google returned a total of 1480 results showing up as “Ebay auction or kjhsdksfd” in the main heading.

The most interesting fact is that this term was searched in Overture 1231 times in the last month. Now take that figure times seven and you have the approximate Google search results.

That means there are more than 5000 searches per month for this term, and it is related to our keyword phrase from Google Adsense. The pages in the top 10 results have a PR ranking from 2 to 0 which means that if we do some good page optimization you can easily rank in the top ten.
If you get just 100 visitors clicking on your Adsense ad, imagine what your income will be!
Here is an idea on how to set up your page.

Your title tag should read “kjhsdksfd expert internet marketing ebay”
“expert internet marketing resources and ideas, where and how to find, maximize your ebay income, kjhsdksfd” In the description meta tag
“kjhsdksfd, expert internet marketing, ebay” in your meta keyword tag
“ kjhsdksfd Or Ebay Auctions And Internet Marketing Ideas” in your “H1” tag
“expert internet marketing resources and ideas to assist you in driving more targeted traffic to your site and increasing your ebay income” in your “H2” heading.

Then write your own article, or mix more than two PLR articles to about 400 words. Use the term kjhsdksfd about 3 times, the phrase “expert internet marketing” about 4 to 5 times and ebay 2 times. Spread them evenly throughout the text, not all in one paragraph.

Place two or three Google Adsense blocks within your page.

By optimizing your page in this manner you can get a top ranking for your search keyword term in Google, and you already know this is a searched term, and you have optimized your page to display Google Adsense ads for a high paying phrase “internet marketing expert”.

That is on-page optimization, for off-page you will need some links. Find related pages and look for about ten related back links to your site.

Do this for all your pages within your different niches to maximize your Adsense income.

This is a lot of work to do for just one page, but if you want the top paying keywords to be clicked on your pages, you need to put in the effort, and you will be rewarded handsomely.

First things first, get the dog a nice juicy bone, and take yourself for a walk, get some fresh air and set your mind in motion again. Experience that childhood feeling of living in the moment.
Karl Stadler is an author and internet marketer.

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