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Google Adsense Tips For Maximum Earnings And How To Avoid ' Smart Pricing '

By: Robert Benjamin -

Almost everyone has probably heard of AdSense by now, if not then I am pretty sure you have seen AdSense and may have not even known what it was. To explain AdSense, I must first tell you a little about ' AdWords ', Adwords is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising system that is available through Google the search engine. You create a small text ad, which is placed on Google's search result pages, the ads match your websites subject or content. You bid or set a fee that you are willing to pay Google every time someone clicks on your ad, this is a great way to get highly targeted traffic that can turn into sales, subscribers, or whatever you are trying to achieve with your website traffic.

Now that I have explained Adwords, I can now tell you about AdSense. AdSense makes it possible for website owners to earn money by simply letting Google place ads on their web pages. AdSense ads can be either text or images, the ads can be altered to blend into the webpages, so they don't make your site look junky or poorly designed. AdSense ads are highly relevant to the content of most webpages, for instance if you place AdSense ads on a webpage that sells Coins, you will get ads about selling coins or other coin related subjects. Every time a website visitor clicks on one of the AdSense ads on your webpage, you earn money, and every month after your first balance reaches one hundred dollars, Google will send you a check or you can have the money deposited into your checking account. The AdSense program is a great way to earn extra money if you have a website, it's easy to make a few dollars every day, and some folks are making thousands of dollars per month doing it.

When I first started Adsense, I placed the ads on my webpages and it wasn't very long until I had made a small amount of money, a few days later my account balance had grown even more. I was pretty happy, but I thought to myself, after reading a lot of articles, I am not making nearly as much money as others are making with AdSense, something must be wrong. Then I thought, maybe my website doesn't get the traffic that the others are getting ? I chatted with a lot of people on the internet that were in the program, and I discovered that the amount of visitors I get, was higher than some of the traffic they receive. You may think that 200 - 400 unique visitors a day is low for website traffic, you are very wrong, the average website gets a lot less per day, especially if your website is only a few months old or is not optimized for the search engines, or it's subject matter has a very low search demand.

If my website was getting a nice amount of traffic or visitors, why was my AdSense earnings so low ? The first thing that I discovered that was wrong was ' adsense ad placement ', that's right, you have to study each webpage's layout that you plan on placing the ads on. Wherever your webpage has sections or areas that grab and hold the visitors attention, this is a prime area to place a section of AdSense ads, in other words, place the ads on your webpages where folks will notice them. We are currently allowed to place up to 3 different AdSense ad sections or groups on each webpage. I found after some testing that the best places for my ads are, just under the title or sub-title, near the middle of the page, and near the end or bottom of my page. If you place one section of AdSense ads near the top of your webpage, folks entering your site will probably notice the ads, and if they scroll down a ways and theres more ads, that increases the odds that they will notice them also. Probably the best place to place one section of ads is at the bottom of your webpages, right after your last bit of text or interesting reading, but make sure you place the ads before any other links, because when visitors are ready to leave your site, they may leave by clicking on one of your ads, earning you money, and if you have other links showing before your ads, they may leave your site by clicking on one of them. So after I studied the layout of all my webpages, I went back through and repositioned the AdSense ads, almost immediately I noticed my earnings increased.

I left my webpages alone, and about three months later I received my first check in the mail, it wasn't a lot of money but still for really doing no physical work I was very glad to get it. My earnings slowly started getting better and better after that first check, the next month I received another check, then the following month I got another and so on. After having been in the AdSense program for about 8 months, and chatting with more folks who were also in the program I found that my earnings were still low compared to some other people.

I then discovered another method that increased my earnings even more. I noticed that my ads stood out from the rest of my webpages text and content. I had always thought, I should make my ads a different color than my webpages background so folks would notice my ads, and click on them, I was totally wrong. Almost everyone that has been on the internet for any length of time, has become so accustomed to seeing banners and other flashy ads that almost everyone now has what is called 'ad blindness', that is, when they visit a site they are automatically turned off or they ignore anything that looks like an ad. I used the Adsense editor and I changed my ads background and border colors so they matched the background color of my webpages, and I changed the text color of the ads so they matched the text color of my webpages content. The ads blended in very well, to me they were barely noticeable from the rest of my webpage, but right away the number of clicks on the ads increased, and the earnings went up even more.

I left my webpages alone and for another couple months my earnings stayed about the same, I was content with the results, but my earnings were still not as good as some of the other folks who received roughly the same amount of traffic that I did. Then I found out that they had done something else to their AdSense ads, something that made the ads seem to really get peoples attention, they were placing images near the ads, it seemed adding images made the ads look unique and it helped make the amount of clicks on them rise. So I searched the internet and I found some little icons and images that matched the content of my webpages, and near where the Adsense ads were shown, I displayed the images by adding a simple html image tag. I asked google if adding the images was within the AdSense rules, and I was advised that they were fine as long as they didn't make folks click on the ads, by this I mean, you cannot have a flashing sign that says, ' click these ads ', or you shouldn't have a scantily dressed girl pointing to the ads saying ' make me happy - click here ' or stuff like that, just make some nice little images that pertain to your webpages content.

The next couple months or so, my earnings still continued rising slowly. By this time, besides my regular webpages I had been working on several BLOG's pertaining to different subjects, so I thought I might as well place AdSense ads on all of my blogs also and make even more money. For a couple weeks my earnings went up quite a bit, and I was very happy, then all of a sudden, just like someone turning off a switch, my AdSense earnings plummeted. I was now making in a day, what I had made when I first joined the program, what the heck happened I thought to myself ? My traffic was still slowly rising, the number of clicks was rising, but for some strange reason, the earnings per click, (EPC) had dropped a lot, it was horrible.

Then I learned that Google had introduced a new feature or system into the AdSense program, called 'smart pricing', 'smart pricing' automatically adjusts the cost of an ad click. Using Googles system of analyzing AdSense data, if it shows that a click from one of your webpages is less likely to turn into an online sale, or other business result for the Ad publisher, the amount you earn per click in AdSense is greatly reduced. When 'smart pricing', was introduced, some AdSense users saw their EPC drop to as low as 3 cents a click, where before 'smart pricing', that same click might of earned them a dollar or much more, this was quite a drastic drop in earnings. What is horrible about 'smart pricing', besides the earnings loss to AdSense users, is that one site or webpage can trigger it, and once triggered by that one webpage, it effects your entire account and every webpage you have will now earn substantially less per click. Remember awhile back when I had added AdSense Ads to my BLOG's, that seemed to be what had triggered smart pricing for me. The BLOG's were on numerous subjects, but they were not business or real professional sites, so hardly any business results such as sales, occurred from folks clicking the ads on these sites. After I removed the Adsense ads from the BLOG's, it took about a week, then I noticed that the EPC was once again climbing back up, yes the 'smart pricing', spell had been broken.

If you are thinking about trying AdSense, or if you are already in it, beware of the smart pricing curse, or if it has already effected your earnings, try removing AdSense ads from your webpages a few pages at a time, the smart-pricing system is evaluated each week, so it will take a few days to see if you have removed ads from the page(s) that triggered it.

You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter or on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections.

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Robert W. Benjamin has been in the software business on the internet for over 5 years, and has been producing low-cost software for the past 25+ years. He first released software on the AMIGA and C64 computer systems in the late 1970's-80's.

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Google Adsense - 5 Rock Solid Tips To Make More Money.

By: Terry Till

Google adsense is proving to be probably the number one method of making money on the internet.Visit nearly any website today and you will see an array of Google Adsense ads being displayed.But if youre interested in displaying Google Adsense ads on your website how can you be sure that you are making the most return from your website visitors.Let me tell you my five top tips to increase your Google Adsense income.

Tip one.
Use articles on your website that are of interest to your targeted market. Original articles written by yourself are best, however if you are not keen on writing why not look at obtaining some Private Label Rights articles. Most important issue here being to modify the articles extensively to make them original to you and not risk duplicated content issues.

Tip two.
Keep your web page layout simple and don’t include links to other products or services, which could distract your visitors from clicking on your Google Adsense ads. Remember this strategy is to increase your Adsense revenue, if you want to promote an affiliate product design a webpage with just your product links on and remove any adsense ads.

Tip three.
Design your Adsense ads to blend in with the background colour of your webpage and also position them in the most profitable positions available. You can get a clear idea of this layout by clicking on my website link below.

Tip four.
Keep track of your visitors and the income they produce to your website, you can do this by creating a channel in the Google Adsense backoffice. Again remember, that if your website is not producing a decent income then you need to look at different subject matters, subjects of interest that people want to read more about and are willing to visit your website in order to read more.

Tip five.
Traffic generation is the real key to success and without visitors to your website you wont make any money. This fifth tip is a complete subject on its own and I will be producing further articles on this subject which you will be able to read by visiting my website below.

I will be adding regular articles on all these subjects and more over the next few days and months so it realy will be worth a visit to see what tips and ideas you can use to increase your Google Adsense income.

About the Author:
Copywrite 2006 Terry Till.
Visit my website for more tips and tricks on earning more from Google Adsense ads.
Webmasters and ezine owners can use this article provided they leave the resourse box and all
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Working at Home – It’s Just Easier That Way

By Bill Schnarr

We’ve all been stretched to our limits at one time or another, whether our jobs take us to the factory, the office, and even those who work at home. Today’s working parents are under more pressure than ever to work longer, earn more money, and provide a stable environment for their children. At the same time, those same activities that are supposed to be enjoyable – spending time with family, taking the kids to soccer practice, and remembering to phone Aunt Martha on her birthday can easily become part of a hectic, stressful work week that leaves you exhausted and desperate for a break.

With all the stress and hassle of today’s modern life, it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to alternative sources to generate income and ease the burden of day to day living. For many of those people, working at home on their computers for a few hours a week has become that stress relieving second income. And these people are beginning to see that a home based business can be an alternative to a soul-sucking job that leaves you exhausted and praying for the weekend.

There are a lot of good reasons why you should consider a home based business if you are searching for a way to improve the quality of your life. For example, working at home provides you with the ability to schedule your work around the important things that come up in everyday life, as opposed to waiting for a day off to take the kids to the dentist or missing a birthday dinner because you were stuck in traffic.

In fact, missing anything because of traffic would be a thing of the past, unless you count the line ups at the supermarket or the Doctor’s office. And here’s a little tip: there are no line ups at the supermarket when everyone is at work. It would just be you and a couple little old ladies in a foot race for the two bored cashiers waiting to serve you. Take my advice – a good hip check goes a long way to eliminating the competition, if you catch my drift.

But there are some really important things to consider if you are going to look for a way to work at home and make money on a home based business. For one thing, something like an internet based business can lead to all kinds of goodies. Things like residual incomes and streaming money. Royalties! Yes, your home based internet business will make money for you even while you’re sleeping in or spending the weekend on a romantic getaway with your significant other.
Does your job at the toothpaste factory pay you to sleep? (Don’t answer that!)

Working at home on computer can afford you other luxuries as well. You may not have realized this, but an internet based business can be accessed and maintained from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a reliable internet connection and access to your email accounts. That means that you can spend an hour or two on your computer in the morning taking care of loose ends while your family prepares for a day at the beach…in Mexico!

You can work from your time share condo in Florida, your parent’s house in Wisconsin, or even that little two bedroom tree house in the Amazon Rain Forest you’ve always dreamed about…providing you can convince the local monkeys to provide you with some form of internet service.
The opportunity for additional income and freedom from the grind of daily living is sitting in your living room. Working at home is a trend being picked up by men and women every day; professionals, college students, and retirees are all working from home on computers and making money to improve their lives.

If your still considering it, no worries. Hopefully this article will give you something to think about next time your stuck in traffic, sucking on petrol fumes and wishing that monkeys were serving you Pina Colada’s in your little grass hut out in the middle of nowhere.

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The #1 Biggest Mistake That People Make With Adsense

By Joel Comm

It's very easy to make a lot of money with AdSense. I know it's easy because in a short space of time, I've managed to turn the sort of AdSense revenues that wouldn't keep me in candy into the kind of income that pays the mortgage on a large suburban house, makes the payments on a family car and does a whole lot more besides.

But that doesn't mean there aren't any number of mistakes that you can make when trying to increase your AdSense income - and any one of those mistakes can keep you earning candy money instead of earning the sort of cash that can pay for your home.

There is one mistake though that will totally destroy your chances of earning a decent AdSense income before you've even started.

That mistake is making your ad look like an ad.

No one wants to click on an ad. Your users don't come to your site looking for advertisements. They come looking for content and their first instinct is to ignore everything else. And they've grown better and better at doing just that. Today's Internet users know exactly what a banner ad looks like. They know what it means, where to expect it - and they know exactly how to ignore it. In fact most Internet users don't even see the banners at the top of the Web pages they're reading or the skyscrapers running up the side.

But when you first open an AdSense account, the format and layout of the ads you receive will have been designed to look just like ads. That's the default setting for AdSense - and that's the setting that you have to work hard to change.

That's where AdSense gets interesting. There are dozens of different strategies that smart AdSense account holders can use to stop their ads looking like ads - and make them look attractive to users. They include choosing the right formats for your ad, placing them in the most effective spots on the page, putting together the best combination of ad units, enhancing your site with the best keywords, selecting the most ideal colors for the font and the background, and a whole lot more besides.

The biggest AdSense mistake you can make is leaving your AdSense units looking like ads.

The second biggest mistake you can make is to not know the best strategies to change them.

For more Google AdSense tips, click here!

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Adsense Tips For Bloggers

If you have joined the blogging revolution that is sweeping the net, and you think you might want to make a little revenue – or a lot of revenue – from your blogging efforts, you need AdSense tips for bloggers. Blogging has opened up an entirely new way of how non-technical people interact with the Internet, and now, anyone can publish anything about any topic – without having a website – and anyone can profit without even having a product!Adsense for blogs make perfect sense.
Google’s advertising programs are designed to work with sites related to the keywords for the ads that are being presented. Each time you add content to your blog, the Google spiders gobble it up. The more you update, the more the Google spider visits your page. Ultimately, you move up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for the topics that you write about. You see where this is going. The higher your search ranking, the more traffic you receive, which ultimately leads to higher revenue from AdSense ads.
The beauty of blogs is their potential for rapid growth. If you become known as an expert in your area of expertise, word of mouth spreads quickly and your blog can become very popular. So it is vital that you always teach something with every blog entry. You want your readers to come back frequently and they will if they know they will learn something. Not only will your readers bookmark your blog and return often, but they will link to your blog enthusiastically as well.
People in forums will refer to your blogs and discuss what they learned. Websites will link to you as a valuable resource. In short, an informative blog can grow very quickly if the information it provides is valuable.It is important to write about specific topics, and sprinkle your blog entries with specific keywords to get the best results – and the highest revenue – with your Google AdSense ads.
There is a method to the madness. Start your revenue generating blog by testing the waters.Decide what area you would like to write about and then do some keyword research. Research is easy if you use Google’s keyword tools found at . The keyword tools are located in your Google AdWords account.
Yes, you need a free AdWords account to be successful but you don’t have to fund it to use the keyword tools. Look for keywords related to your subject that are high paying. These are keywords where the bid amounts are high. Make a list of the top paying keywords, and use that list to determine what topics you will write about.
Remember, you want people to visit your blog time and time again, and build up a readership, make sure that your blog is well written and informative. Don’t just target keywords for the sake of targeting keywords – the writing needs to make sense! Writing valuable content is the first step to generating traffic to your blog, and traffic is needed to profit from AdSense ads!You are allowed to use the AdSense ad units in two different places on each page. You can accomplish this in a couple of different ways.
First, you can add the AdSense ad code to the template for your blog. This is done through the control panel for your blog, and some knowledge of HTML is needed. The other option is to paste the AdSense code directly in your blog post each time you submit a new post. You can use it once at the top and once at the bottom, or once after a few paragraphs of the post, and again after a few more paragraphs.
Get that code in there however you see fit – but then pay close attention to the results so you can see what is working and what isn’t. Tracking is everything if you want to make real money!Of course, you need to advertise your blog as much as possible as well. Make sure that you provide Trackbacks to other people’s blogs as often as possible, and that you visit blogs, leave comments – and leave a link for your blog as well!

About the Author:ReveNow! ( is an AdSense marketing resource covering AdSense, AdWords, affiliate marketing, and SEO. Discuss this article in the AdSense Forums:
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Tips For Maximizing Your Google Adsense Revenues

By: Diane Nassy

Despite what you may hear, the Google AdSense program is not for everyone. There are some types of web sites that do poorly no matter how hard the owners try, and there are others that should be doing well but the webmaster simply isn’t putting in the effort to make things happen.

Here are some tips to make AdSense work better for you. If you do them all and you’re still not having any luck, then you just might be running one of those sites that don’t make money

1. Determine if your visitors are “in the mood”Like I mentioned at the top of this article, some web sites just don’t work with pay-per-click programs.

The best performing sites fall into one of these categories:

• Sites where users go and expect to buy something while they are there. E-commerce sites fit the bill here..

• Sites where users go to find specific information on something that they want to buy now. Music and video review sites, vacation information sites, resume building sites, etc. You don’t have to actually be selling these types of things; your site can just be a mecca for information pertaining to these things. Then, when the visitor comes to read your content, they are more likely to click on your ads.

• Sites where people who have disposable income and a credit card like to visit. This includes sites with money management, investing and lifestyle content.

• Sites that draw a large amount of new users every day. Free coupon sites and “How to” sites are good examples.

• Sites where people go who expect to read ads. Classified ads and shopping comparison sites fit into this category.

2. Make sure that your visitors don’t feel that you just want to grab their money.

Give them plenty of relevant and well-written content. If writing isn’t your best skill then hire someone to do it for you. Good content brings steady traffic and steady traffic pays the bills.

3. Play by the rules

Google has some very specific Terms of Service for participating in their AdSense program. Learn those rules and follow them so you don’t lose all of your investment by getting shut out.

4. Use the tools that Google gives you

Google gives you tools for determining the best keywords for your site, measuring ad performance, and setting up different ad “channels” for fine-tuning ad results. These guys and girls are the 800 lb. Gorillas in the Pay-Per-Click market.

They didn’t build these tools just to keep their programmers busy. Take advantage of their knowledge for they are very big and you are not!

5. Tweak, fine-tune and then tweak again

You should never be happy with your AdSense performance. If it’s good, then you need to make it great. If it’s great then you need to make it amazing. If it’s amazing then you need to take it to the UPS club. The UPS club?

Google sends all checks over $10,000 per month to the webmaster via UPS overnight delivery. Now there’s a club that I wouldn’t mind belonging to.

6. Get more traffic

No matter how much traffic you have, you need more. More eyeballs translate to more clicks. Even if you’re only pulling a 2% click-through. That’s a lot of clicks when you have thousands of visitors each day.

7. Experiment with new keywords

New keywords can bring new ads and new eyeballs along with it. Set up some new pages on your site and experiment with different content. Once you get something that’s working then refer back to Tip # 5.

You can see results in near real time when you use Google’s AdWords. Don’t be afraid to be different. If something that everyone else is doing doesn’t work for you, then invent something that does work and get it on your site.

About the Author:
Diane provides marketing and internet profit tips. For more Google AdSense tips, visit

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Adsense, How Much Are You Generating?

By Karl Stadler

It is a wonderful autumn day, the leaves on the trees are turning yellow and as you walk toward your front gate you see the postcard perfect scene playing out down the street. Happy children enjoying the beginnings of life with a seemingly careless attitude to what the future holds, life is all in this moment. Is this a feeling that you can vividly remember from your childhood days?

You open your postbox and see your Google Adsense cheque has arrived, excitedly you open the crumpled envelope wondering why the postman had been so careless with your valuable asset. This month you have reached the four figure sum, and you know it will look like that for months to come.

It is a good feeling isn't it? For most internet marketers however it is a three figure sum every few months. So why is that?

Adsense ads on your web pages have become a huge income generating and profitable enterprise for many a web master and site owner. There has been proof of five figure sums being paid and four figure sums have become a regular occurrence. But to most of us it seems to be a dream that only others can achieve. We are only receiving crumbs falling from the kings table, if any.

To make money with Adsense ads, the ads need to be seen. To get them seen you need traffic to your website, lots of traffic.

So lets get to the crux of the matter, how do you get paid that seemingly elusive four figure sum for your Adsense ads.

You receive traffic to your site, and make it profitable by generic searches from the search engines. That in effect means you need your pages to rank high and get top 10 positions in generic searches.

Find and determine the top paying Adsense keywords within a niche.

Once you have found the high paying keyword phrase you must optimize your page for the Google Adsense display.

High paying keywords means they are highly sought after, I think we all get that. Do not try to optimize your page for that keyword phrase in a generic search engine placement, it is suicidal to say the least.

Think of this as a dual setup, if I can say it like that. Find a keyword phrase where you are able to rank high in the search engines for your page optimization which is related to the phrase of your Adsense ads.

Lets do this with an example to make it more understandable.

Take the broad search term “internet marketing” and see which keyword phrase pays the highest for clicks.

“Expert internet marketing” comes up at the top where advertisers are paying between $13 and $16 per click. The term, according to Overture, receives 2474 searches per month, take that times seven, and you have the approximate Google searches per month.

Type the search term into Google and you will see that the term pops up with nearly 80 million other sites. The PR rankings for the first ten results vary from 7 to 5. The top 6 sites don't even run Adsense ads. You can try and aim for the top 10 position for that search term, but with a new page I would rather have a highly intellectual chat with the dog, you will get the same result.

So how do you get clicks on these high paying terms.

You optimize for a high ranking in one search term, and you optimize another keyword phrase for Adsense to get the top paying keywords. That's it in a nutshell.

Lets have a look for a related term to our Adsense phrase. With a related term search for “expert internet marketing” the keyword term “kjhsdksfd” came up. A search in Google returned a total of 1480 results showing up as “Ebay auction or kjhsdksfd” in the main heading.

The most interesting fact is that this term was searched in Overture 1231 times in the last month. Now take that figure times seven and you have the approximate Google search results.

That means there are more than 5000 searches per month for this term, and it is related to our keyword phrase from Google Adsense. The pages in the top 10 results have a PR ranking from 2 to 0 which means that if we do some good page optimization you can easily rank in the top ten.
If you get just 100 visitors clicking on your Adsense ad, imagine what your income will be!
Here is an idea on how to set up your page.

Your title tag should read “kjhsdksfd expert internet marketing ebay”
“expert internet marketing resources and ideas, where and how to find, maximize your ebay income, kjhsdksfd” In the description meta tag
“kjhsdksfd, expert internet marketing, ebay” in your meta keyword tag
“ kjhsdksfd Or Ebay Auctions And Internet Marketing Ideas” in your “H1” tag
“expert internet marketing resources and ideas to assist you in driving more targeted traffic to your site and increasing your ebay income” in your “H2” heading.

Then write your own article, or mix more than two PLR articles to about 400 words. Use the term kjhsdksfd about 3 times, the phrase “expert internet marketing” about 4 to 5 times and ebay 2 times. Spread them evenly throughout the text, not all in one paragraph.

Place two or three Google Adsense blocks within your page.

By optimizing your page in this manner you can get a top ranking for your search keyword term in Google, and you already know this is a searched term, and you have optimized your page to display Google Adsense ads for a high paying phrase “internet marketing expert”.

That is on-page optimization, for off-page you will need some links. Find related pages and look for about ten related back links to your site.

Do this for all your pages within your different niches to maximize your Adsense income.

This is a lot of work to do for just one page, but if you want the top paying keywords to be clicked on your pages, you need to put in the effort, and you will be rewarded handsomely.

First things first, get the dog a nice juicy bone, and take yourself for a walk, get some fresh air and set your mind in motion again. Experience that childhood feeling of living in the moment.
Karl Stadler is an author and internet marketer.

To get more information on setting up your Adsense pages go to Adsense Income

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Creating a Website Based on Adsense Revenue Model

By Lata Tokhi
The latest craze sweeping the webmaster world is creating 'Adsense Websites'. Webmasters are busy cranking out a number of websites aimed to earn entirely from Adsense, with few of them finding the success they hoped for. Creating Adsense Websites is a wonderful idea provided you play by the rules.
Creating spammy websites with hardly any content and a whole of links based on 'high-paying keywords' is more likely to get you banned from Google Adsense than earn you high profits you dreamed of. A small content website created on a specific theme with Adsense ads integrated properly into it, is the correct way to earn from this revenue model.
How to logically create a new website based on Adsense Revenue Model is discussed here:
1. Identify High-Paying Keywords
The first step is to decide the theme of your website. Since you are creating a website entirely for Adsense, it might help if you first took time to find out the highest-paying keywords/ads. Advertisers bid for keywords on Google. Some keywords are very expensive and if ads for such keywords are displayed on your website, and clicked upon, your earnings may increase dramatically. For a list of High Paying Adsense Keywords, visit >
To do your own research, use Type in the desired keyword and the tool will tell you the highest bid on it. >
If you have a Google Adwords Account, log in and use the tool for finding the bid rates for different keywords.
Choose a topic which is fairly high-paying as well of your interest.
2. Build an SEO Website with Useful Content
Once you have chosen the theme topic, start building your website. Register a Domain Name, Set up a Web Hosting Account, choose a simple and fast loading layout for your website and add start adding content. Add at least 10 articles on the topic you have chosen. You can get the articles for free from an Articles Directory but it is best to put original content into an Adsense website. Write the articles yourself or Hire a Content Writer. Optimize all pages for Search Engines. Use Heading tags, proper titles and keyword-rich content. The more SE optimized your page, the more relevant will be the ads that are displayed.
3. Integrate Adsense Seamlessly Add Adsense code to every article page.
Take time and choose ad formats depending upon your website layout and integrate the ads seamlessly within the content on each page. Read more about integrating ads seamlessly in your website content at
4. Increase Website Traffic
Your website is now done and you need interested visitors to visit your website, read your content and click on your high-paying ads. Start promoting your website by submitting articles, using signature tags, link exchanges etc.
Lata Tokhi is the owner of Mom Tycoons:, a website with useful articles and advice for webmasters on topics such as starting online business, setting up websites, marketing and promotion, increasing revenue and sales, search engine tips etc.
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Thursday, May 04, 2006

AdSense Tips

By S. Housley
AdSense allows website publishers to display contextually relevant advertisements on their website. If a web visitor "clicks" on an advertisement, the web publisher will earn a percentage of the advertising revenue generated as a result of the click. Many webmasters have built content websites around the Google AdSense model.
In many cases the specific intent of the webmaster is to profit from Google AdSense Other webmasters use Google AdSense to supplement their revenue. Regardless of the webmaster's intent, the following tips will help webmasters looking to profit from AdSense Top AdSense Tips:
1. Niche Sites.
Targeted niche sites that have a clear theme, tend to generate more advertising revenue simply because it is easier to achieve decent search engine placement. Be warned though, you want to chose a niche where there is a sufficient number of advertisements available.
2. Target Keywords.
When determining the sites focus, consider how much the advertisers pay for the advertisements. If the site is focused on ringtones, like Ringtone Central the payout per click is going to be very small, as ringtones are not high ticket items, advertisers will not spend a lot on pay per click advertisements. With less obvious markets use Overture to determine how much advertisers pay per keyword, it is usually similar on Google. Search Overture for a keyword then click "View Advertisers' Max Bids" in the top right corner. This will show the Overture inventory and how much is paid per keyword. Because the market has become very competitive, it will be difficult to rank well in search engines with a new website that is optimized for the terms that have the highest payout. Consider targeting terms that are moderately priced.
3. Aged Sites / Time.
Over time as a website is spidered by Google, advertisements will generally increase in relevance. In general, older websites will rank better in search engines. The closer the advertisements relate to the webpage's content; the higher the "click-through" the publishers will see.
4. Coding.
In order to minimize a websites maintenance place the Google generated AdSense code in the website template or an include file. This will allow you to easily experiment with different advertisement sizes and ad placement, and keep the web maintenance to a minimum.
5. Tracking Channels.
In order to know how effective a specific website or ad placement is use distinct channels and subchannels within Google. This will allow you to discern what performs best on a specific website. Using channels will tell you what sites are making money, what advertisements are making money and what ad position is the most profitable on a specific website. Keep in mind that you should run an advertisement for a full week, in order to properly test its effectiveness, different days of the week will vary the web traffic so comparing one week to another will give the most accurate reflection of how effective a campaign performs. When testing different advertisement sizes, placement or color schemes be sure to leave campaigns in place for one week, different days will often result in web traffic fluctuations. Comparing web traffic, week to week will give a clear indication of what ad formats perform the best.
6. Integrated Ad Placement.
Many webmasters have been successful at integrating advertisements into a website. The easiest way to integrate an advertisement into a website is to remove the advertisement border. This will allow the ads to better blend with the webpage. Google recommends contrasting the link colors with the website colors to increase click-throughs. It is also suggested that webmasters randomize the color of the advertisements, so that frequent users will not naturally "filter" the ads. example of integrated ad placement: or
7. Number vs Value of Advertisements.
Up to three advertisements can be listed on each page. This decreases the value of the advertisements served, so publishers should cautiously add advertisement units, as it dilutes ad inventory. In other words you want to serve the most expensive ads at all times.
8. Hot Spots.
Like web copy above the fold holds true with AdSense as well. This means that advertisements that appear without having to scroll will be read more frequently. Hot Spots are areas on a web page that result in a higher percentage of click-throughs. According to Google the highest paying advertisements are located on the hot spots. hot spots map - Google does not indicate if image advertisements or text ads perform better, so webmasters are encouraged to experiment with both.
9. Highest performing Ad Sizes.
According to Google the 336 x 280 rectangle, the 300 x250 rectangle and the 160 x 600 sky scraper result in the highest number of click-throughs. Depending on the website's design and layout, publishers may experience different results with different ad sizes, placements and color schemes. Expirement and track the results for each website to maximize the AdSense payout.
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Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage a wireless text messaging software company.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pay Per Click and Google Adsense - How To Build Your Website Profits With Targeted Traffic

by: Dean Shainin

With pay per click and Google Adsense you can build your affiliate marketing business with targeted traffic. This has become a very effective way to earn online profits. And if your website is rich with original quality content and you want to earn more profit, you can use Google Adsense to drive your profits.

Why Use Pay Per Click To Promote Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest and one of the most effective ways to earn profits online. Online retailers can benefit from affiliate marketing programs, because affiliate marketing actually works for merchants as well as it works for the affiliates. Many affiliate programs pay up to 75% commission.

There are many different methods on how the merchant can compensate the affiliate for their services, and for the webmaster, these methods simply are a great way to make cash using these types of services.

Here are the 3 types of compensation with affiliate programs:

1. Pay-per-click
2. Pay-per-lead
3. Pay-per-sale

The pay per click method is the method most preferred by many affiliates, for their site’s visitor would only have to visit the advertiser’s site for them to receive money if the visitor clicks on one of the ads. In general this is how Google AdSense works. The traffic is targeted with the right type of original content on the webmasters website.

The other two methods, (pay per lead) and (pay per sale) on the other hand, are sometimes preferred by merchants, as they would only have to compensate you if your visitor becomes one of their customers or if the visitor would actually purchase their products or services.

Building large profits with affiliate marketing programs does not depend so much on the compensation method as it does on the targeted traffic generated to your site. A website that can attract more targeted visitors would generally have the greater chance of profiting in affiliate marketing programs.

How Does Google Adsense Relate To Pay Per Click?

Google Adsense is actually an affiliate marketing program in its own right. With Google Adsense, Google acts as the intermediary for the affiliates and the merchants. The merchant, or the advertiser, would simply sign up with Google and provide text ads pertaining to their products and services. These ads, which are actually links to the advertiser’s website, would then appear on Google searches as well as on the websites owned by the affiliates, or by people who have signed up with the Google Adsense program.

You can find some aspects that are similar with Google Adsense and other affiliate marketing programs and you can also see a lot of differences. With Google Adsense, all the person has to do is put some code on their website and Google takes care of just about everything else.

The ads that Google places on your site will generally be targeted and relevant to the content of your site. This is an advantage for both you and for the advertiser, as the visitors of your site would more or less be interested with the products or services that are advertised.

Google Adsense is a program that compensates the affiliate on a pay-per-click basis. The advertiser pays Google a certain amount each time their ad on your site is clicked and Google then forwards this amount to you with checks, although only after Google have deducted their share of the amount. Google Adsense checks are sent monthly after the affiliate has reached a total of $100. Google Adsense helps with a tracking tool that allows you to monitor the earnings you actually get from certain ads.

Affiliate marketing programs and pay per click programs such as Google Adsense work very well, whether you are the merchant or the affiliate. For the merchant’s side, a lot of money can be saved if advertising effort is concentrated on affiliate marketing rather than on dealing with advertising firms. For the webmaster, you can easily gain a lot of profits just by doing what you do best, and that is by creating websites with original targeted content.

With this combination of profits from both the Google Adsense program and other affiliate programs, you could earn some decent income .

Copyright 2006 Dean Shainin
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Dean Shainin is the owner of Visit his site for free tools, resources and everything you need to know about setting up and managing pay per click campaigns, avoiding click fraud and maximizing your advertising results.

Best Free Web Affiliate Program: Why It Has To Be Google Adsense

There is little argument or doubt as to which program is the best free web affiliate program. That honor has to go to the amazing Google Adsense program.

One of the most important things that makes Adsense the Best free web affiliate program is the fact that one does not need to make a sale to earn cash from this program. All that is required is for somebody to click on one of the Adsense ads served at your site. Chances of somebody clicking on the ads are quite high simply because they will tend to be highly relevant to the subject matter of your site and the keywords used at every particular post where the Adsense ads appear.

The combination of these key factors make it fairly easy, probably easier than in any other affiliate program, for a novice or web beginner to start generating some revenue. That is what makes the Adsense program the Best free web affiliate program on the net today. It is also the real reason behind the huge growing Google Inc revenue and profits.

The other reason why the Adsense program is the Best free web affiliate program on the World Wide Web is due to the fact that it is the ideal place for a person who has never made any money on the net to start. It gives ordinary people the best chance of "tasting blood" by generating some online income, no matter how small, which they can then build upon.

Reasons enough for the vast majority of persons to vote the Adsense program, the Best free web affiliate program by far.

Learn more about the best home business opportunity from a blogger who rakes in thousands of dollars... and growing from their home business.

The 5 Most Important Things You Must Know About AdSense

By Joel Comm
Whether you're just starting out with AdSense or whether you've been using it for years, the success of your ads will depend on knowing five absolutely essential pieces of information about AdSense:
1. AdSense Can Make You A Huge Heap Of Cash
Lots of people make the mistake of believing that AdSense is only good for bringing a site a few extra pennies a month. Wrong! AdSense can fund your lifestyle - if you get it right.
2. Junk Sites Get Junk Income
But just because it's possible for a site to make a lot of money with AdSense, it doesn't mean that any site can make a lot of money with AdSense. Your site must have good content that can attract users on its own merit. There are a lot of different strategies available for producing good content for your site. You'll need to use them if you want to create the sort of site that makes real money.
3. Your Choice Of Ads Matter
One of the first things that you'll have to do when you join AdSense is to pick the types of ads you want to display. Success relies on following certain principles that encourage users to click and persuades them that they've got a reason to do so. You'll need to know those principles.
4. You Can Influence The Ads You Receive!
Here's a little known AdSense secret: you do have some control over the ads that get served on your site. That control isn't unlimited - but it is worth exercising. It's also a little complicated but it's got a lot do with keyword hotspots located in each Web page. (I explain it all in my book, Google AdSense Secrets.) That's definitely something you need to know!
5. Your Stats Are Your Best Friend
The stats you get with your AdSense account might look complicated and well, a bit dull... but they're packed with useful information that can have a massive effect on your revenues. To make real money with AdSense, you need to know what your stats are telling, what they're not telling you and where you can find out more.There's a lot you need to know to make serious money with AdSense. If you're missing that information, you're just throwing money away.
For more Google AdSense tips, visit
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All rights reserved
Joel Comm is Dr. AdSense, an Internet entrepreneur who has been online for more than 20 years. Joel is co-creator of, now known as Yahoo! Games and is the author of the web's best-selling AdSense ebook, "Google AdSense Secrets (Or What Google Never Told You About Making Money With Adsense)".

Google Adsense (first lesson to beginner)...

Google Adsense Tips - What, How, Who, Why, When And Where!
by: Kanaga Siva

The Amazing Google Adsense Program is today towering like a Colossus in the Internet. It has helped some smart Internet Marketers to make huge amounts of money, while at the same time it is interesting to note that many new Internet Marketers and Internet Home-Based Business Entrepreneurs are receiving their first pay check from Google Adsense rather than the main affiliate program.

Given below are the Tips, What, How, Who, Why, When and Where of Google Adsense in a nut shell.

Adsense Tip: What is is Google Adsense:
Google Adsense is a program designed by Google that can generate advertising revenue for your website. Relevant Text and Image ads. targeted to your website content are delivered by Google. Additionally if you place a Google Search Box in your website, relevant text ads. are displayed when a search request is made by a website visitor. Google will pay you for all valid clicks. made by your website visitors on the ads. or search results pages. Another new addition is the Google Adsense Referrals Feature , whereby you can generate additional income by displaying Google’s Referral Buttons on your web pages.

Adsense Tip: How to get started with Google Adsense:
You have to apply to Google Adsense by completing an online application form. Once the application is approved, you will be able to participate. You then have to copy and paste a HTML code that is provided by Google Adsense into your web pages. The code creates relevant ads. to the content of the page. When a visitor clicks on it Google pays you.

Adsense Tip: Who can participate in Google Adsense:
Anyone who has a website can join the Adsense program but not adult and hate sites. You have to comply with Google's program policies. It is Free to join. Google has a massive advertiser base and they have ads. on the ready for all categories of businesses. They also have ads. ready to match different types of content sites, from a pet store site to that of a highly sophisticated technological site.Google Adsense can be used in many languages. It is also targeted geographically and hence Global business can take advantage of this and webmasters living in any part of the world can participate.

Adsense Tip: Why Participate in Google Adsense:
The obvious answer is to make money from home. It does not cost you anything if you have a website, so why miss the opportunity to make money from home. Google pays you monthly if your earnings reach $100.The Google Adsense checks are a blessing to a large number of newbies with low budgets eager to make money from home. Some webmasters feel that Adsense ads. can lead their visitors away from their site. This possibility is there but if you have a website with good content they will always come back.

Adsense Tip: When to Participate in Google Adsense:
The Adsense program is Web related and hence you must have a website to participate. Once your website is ready and the contents optimized, you can submit your application. The Adsense program is not restricted only to high page rank sites as some seem to think.Google approves most of the sites but ensures that they are of acceptable standard. Normally they are approved within 2-3 days. Once approved you can immediately participate in the Adsense program by logging into your account.

Adsense Tip: Where to place Google Adsense ads. in your Website.
The Adsense ads. can be placed anywhere in your web pages, but there are specific areas in your web pages that are recommended by Google which have been found to generate more clicks.According to Google and our own experience: Ads placed above the fold tend to perform better than those below the fold.Ads placed near rich content and navigational aids usually do well because users are focused on those areas of a page.Ads placed at the top of the page and at the left generally perform better than others.Ads at the bottom of long articles and those that are integrated or merge with the content too perform very well.Of course there are other strategies, such as creating high paying keyword content pages to suit individual sites and also generating more traffic to your site. These have to be implemented too, to ensure success.The Google Adsense Program has come to stay. It is a great way to earn an additional income for most webmasters and a big income for some who have made the Adsense Program as the main source of income. Which ever way you look at it the Adsense Program is a happy hunting ground for all and these Tips can help you get started.

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Kanaga Siva has a wealth of experience in Marketing and also operating a successful Home-Based Business.For quality Articles,Ideas,Advice and recommended Affiliate Programs, visit his Business From Home Website.